2017 Bad Boy Off Road Recoil 4-Passenger

Recoil's 72V AC electric power can take you anywhere, with a quiet, emission-free ride.

Recoil's clean, quiet electric power is perfect for riders who don't want to deal with the fumes and noise of gas engines. Rear-facing seats can convert to a cargo deck for added flexibility.


  • POWER: Recoil's drivetrain delivers plenty of power – with totally silent operation, low emissions, and more range.
  • SUSPENSION AND HANDLING: Start with full-time 4WD, then upgrade to four-wheel independent suspension with Recoil iS.
  • RELIABILITY: World-class engineering and a two-year warranty give you plenty to count on with Recoil iS Crew.


  • 72V AC ELECTRIC DRIVETRAIN: The secret weapon for the strong, silent type. Our 72V AC electric drivetrain is the industry's first, and it's perfect for hunters who need to sneak up on prey or anyone who just prefers a quieter ride with no emissions.
  • 25% MORE EFFICIENT: Compared to DC-powered vehicles, our electric vehicles are 25% more efficient. Spend less time charging and more time driving.
  • GET UP TO 5X CLOSER TO YOUR PREY: For hunters, stealth is everything. Gas vehicles create a 30,000-sq-ft field of disturbance with noise and exhaust. But a noise-free, emission-free Bad Boy® lets you get up to 85% closer to sneak in for the kill. So you can spend less time hiking and hauling, and more time putting your next target in your sights.
  • REGENERATIVE BRAKING: The AC electric drivetrain recharges your battery as you drive. It creates resistance and captures energy whenever the brake is applied, so every stop gives you a little more go.
  • MORE LOW-END TORQUE: The drivetrain delivers more low-end torque than gas engines to give you more power from every start. Even when you're stopped in your tracks, you'll have enough muscle for any obstacle.
  • MAX SPEED/MAX RANGE: A dash-mounted switch makes the most out of AC power. Flip it to Max Speed for more speed and torque, or use Max Range to adjust torque and speed to battery-saving levels.


  • ROBUST 2-YEAR WARRANTY: Years of testing, exacting standards and precise craftsmanship. We don't think you'll need our two-year warranty, but we've added it to give you more peace of mind.
  • AWARD-WINNING U.S. MANUFACTURING: This vehicle is manufactured at our state-of-the-art facility in Augusta, GA, home of Textron Specialized Vehicles. The facility is designed to ensure that every inch of your Bad Boy® is ready to ride on day one, with rigorous end-of-line testing, laser wheel alignment and automated systems for total consistency.
  • BACKED BY THE POWER OF TEXTRON: Been there, done that. Bad Boy is part of the Textron family, which has experience in manufacturing brands like Bell Helicopter, Cessna®, Beechcraft® and Jacobsen®. Our engineers have also spent decades designing high-end, off-road racing vehicles and automotive and military technologies.

Suspension and Handling

  • FULL-TIME 4WD: Our 4WD never takes a day off. Always on and always ready for any challenge you throw its way.
  • FOUR-WHEEL INDEPENDENT SUSPENSION: Upgrade to Recoil iS to make every ride a smooth one, with a precision-tuned four-wheel independent suspension. From springs to shocks, our suspension system effortlessly conquers the most challenging terrain.

General Information

Manufacturer Bad Boy Off Road
Model Year 2017
Model Recoil 4-Passenger
Color Matte Black



Brake system - 4-wheel hydraulic disc, regenerative

Parking brake - Hand actuated


Front - Kenda 25 x 8-12 Uni-directional

Rear - Kenda 25 x 11-12 Uni-directional


Length Overall - 111.8 in. (284 cm)
Height Overall - 76.5 in. (194 cm)
Width Overall - 52 in. (132 cm)
Weight Overall - 1,795 lb. (814 kg)
Ground Clearance

Center of frame - 16.5 in. (42 cm)

Under axle - 10 in. (25 cm)

Wheelbase 69 in. (175 cm)


Drive System

72V AC electric

Gear selection - Seatwrap Mounted Forward-Neutral-Reverse

Differentials - Open


Lighting Headlights, Taillights, Impact resistant fender flares
Instrumentation In-dash battery status indicator, 12V DC outlet
Battery 72V battery system / 6 12V heavy-duty deep cycle batteries
Charge Time Off-board 72V Charger (Vehicle charge time 8-12 hours. Results may vary.)


Engine Front / Rear - 72V
Horsepower 38 hp


Steering Rack and pinion
Speed - Forward

Max speed mode - 24.5 mph

Max range mode - 16 mph

Seating Forward facing bench and convertible rear facing bench seats

Front - Independent MacPherson Struts

Rear - Solid leaf spring

Frame Structurally welded high strength steel
Load Capacity 840 lb. (381 kg)
Towing Capacity 1,000 lb. (454 kg)


Hitch Standard 2 in. receiver
Additional Colors Flame Red, White

Realtree® Max-5®, Realtree® Xtra®

Optional colors may be applied at an additional cost.

Safety Features

3-point seat belts (2 front, 2 rear)

Safety nets, 1.75 in. diameter tubing OPS, 1.5 in. diameter tubing brush guard

Warranty 2 year